• QAM анализатор с цветен дисплей DS2460Q

Key Benefits

• Comprehensive tool for installation and maintenance of cable networks

• Fast spectrum analysis, 5~1220 MHz

• 5~1052MHz (Analog TV), 46~1052MHz (Digital TV)

• Digital TV measurements include: Average Power, MER, BER, BER Statistics, Constellation

• Analog TV measurements include: Level, V/A, HUM, C/N

• Auto-generates and saves up to 20 custom channel plans from a cable drop

• Auto test with pass/fail limits speeds up tests and simplifies results interpretation

• Client-based Toolbox management software for quick unit configuration

• USB Micro 2.0 port for PC data transfer

• Ethernet port for Ping function

• Optical Power Measurement and VFL (Visual Fault Location) available by option.


The DS2460Q is a is a multi-functional instrument that supports digital QAM and analog signals in CATV networks. It is the ideal tool for initial network installations, service, and troubleshooting tasks. The ruggedized design includes an outer chassis protector, while the icon-based GUI features programmable preset pass/fail limits. The easy-flowing menus are designed for increased efficiency and productivity for all levels of technicians. Other features - including return path & forward spectrum scan, 12 favorite tilt frequencies, AC line voltage test, HUM and DC voltage measurements, combined with complete data logging and management software - make the DS2460Q a versatile tool for cable installations.

MER, Pre-Post BER measurements, and statistics features allow quick verification of loose connections, generally related to pixelated pictures or slow DS internet data flow. The digital measurement functions also help identify mismatches caused by open coaxial lines or impedance mismatch.

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QAM анализатор с цветен дисплей DS2460Q

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  • Код на продукта: 31179
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