High-precision Optical Fiber Cleaver HM-FC6S


The Sumitomo HM-FC6S high precision cleaver is designed for field use alongside the Sumitomo splicing units.By using a rotating blade for multiple scoring positions enables a blade life of 36, 000 cleaves with a cleave angle better than 0. 5 degrees. The unit is constructed to be robust and field serviceable and has options such as tripod mount to enable secure platform mounting. The FC-6S is the latest Sumitomo cleaver. Integral to the unit is a cleave length scale which helps facilitate exact lengths during cleaving.



New High Precision Fibber Cleaver FC-6S/New Original Fiber Optic Cleaver

•Used for Single Fiber Cleaving;

•Utilizes an Automatic Anvil Drop for Fewer Required Steps and Better Cleave Consistency;

•Prevents Double Scoring of the Fibers;

•Has Superior Blade Height and Rotational Adjustment;

•Available With Automatic Fiber Scrap Collection;

•Can Be Operated With Minimal Steps.


Technical parameters:


Model: FC-6M FC-6M-C FC-6S FC-6S-C
Fiber diameter 125um
Fiber count / size  Single fiber (0.25 & 0.9mm) Single fiber  
and up to 12-fiber ribbon    (0.25 & 0.9mm)   
Cleave length:   10mm      9 ~16mm (0.25)   
10~16mm (0.9 )   
Typical cleave angle: 0.5°    
Dimensions / Weight:    63(W) x 76(D) x 63(H)mm / 430g with outer box (FC-6M/FC-6S)     
 100(W) x 81(D) x 63(H)mm / 480g with outer box (FC-6M-C/FC-6S-C)     
Blade life:    36,000 fibers     
 (1,000 fibers x 12 edge positions x 3-step edge height)    
Option:  Adapter for single fiber : AP-FC6M    
 (Standard installation with the FC-6S/FC-6S-C)    
 Offcut collector : CU-FC6    
(Standard installation with the FC-6M-C/FC-6S-C)     
 Blade replacement : FCP-20BL    

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Fiber cleaver FC-6S

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